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10 Things to do while stuck inside

As a stay at home mom I’ve been well trained for social distancing but, with all the uncertainties that is surrounding this global pandemic it can be hard not to feel stressed at a time like this. Thankfully with today’s technology we can stay connected to our friends and families, our children can continue their educations and we could even use this “free” time to learn something new.

There are TONS of things you can do like:

  1. Learn to sew
  2. If you already sew, learn a new technique etc.
  3. Learn hand embroidery, knitting or crochet.
  4. Try out new recipes
  5. Teach your dog new tricks
  6. Play family board games
  7. Read a book (or many)
  8. Start your Spring Cleaning
  9. Tackle a home project
  10.  Color (it’s a great stress relief) you could also learn to draw or paint.

I’ve learned throughout my life that, even in tough situations to look always look for the good, I GET to spend more time with my family, I GET to sleep in, I GET to finish my book. Having a positive mindset can do wonders for our moods and wellbeing. My favorite thing to do when my household is stressed or on edge is to diffuse various calming and relaxing essential oils to boost our moods.

I love to talk so, tell me what are you most looking forward to while we flatten the curve? ( We’re thinking positive, remember?) Are you going to pick up a new hobby or try an old one? Oh and have you tried any of these diffuser blends or do you have your own fave chill recipes?

With love, Amy


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