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Boho Farmhouse Spring Mantle Decor

For the past 3 years we have been slowly renovating our small house, from installing our wood floors to putting up DIY shiplap. As a single income family, I’ve had to get creative with our home décor, almost all of our furniture has been purchased second hand via yard sales, Facebook marketplace, estate sales and online auctions. I usually always have an ongoing project, for example right now my ceilings need a second coat of paint and were still working on the dining room shiplap- but I only have so many spoons.

Over the years I’ve picked up art prints, Knick knacks, and other home décor pieces/accessories and when I move stuff around for the seasons I can “shop” my own house and find new ways to arrange things.

My home décor style is a mix between farmhouse/boho/lake house vibe- seriously, though I’m not sure what to call it. For my mantle I did splurge when I found this seagrass deer head at target for $39.99, it has become the star of the show. I purchased all the picture frames at hobby lobby a few years ago, they were of course on sale, the wildflower art prints were scooped up from a yard sale and I simply reframed them.

The rest of my mantle decor pieces were bought from local businesses or on clearance at my second home, TJ Maxx. Listen, I’m no expert on interior design my only qualifications include hours spent searching Pinterest and watching fixer upper, but I love it and hope my spring mantle decor can provide you with some inspiration.

Are you finished with your spring decorating? I’d love to see your DIY’s and projects, tag @thebellwetherlife on insta, so I can swoon while social distancing.

With love, Amy


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