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Hot & Spicy Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

Listen up ladies, we don’t have to social distance from our significant others, that is unless they are sick then stay away, (Hello, common sense). Put the kids to bed mommas, grab some wine/tea and settle in for a few date night ideas plus my favorite bed-room essential oils- you will seriously have your mind blown with what I’m about to share with you.

It’s been 10 days since social distancing started, moms everywhere have been cooking second breakfasts, cleaning while trying to become teachers. I’ve drank an entire pot of coffee today and my hair is on day 3 of dry shampoo so, first things first, self care. Hot bath, wash my hair and shave my legs- I’ll plan date night for the next day because only other spoonies will understand when I say showers can be exhausting.

The last time I went to the grocery store I bought Popcorn and have planned movie nights for my husband and I, we also like to play cards, board games, and I once even got him to participate in a painting date at home! Listen there are millions of ideas on Pinterest, I’m more excited to share my essential oil love potions with you.

While we’re stuck at home, might as well spice up our love lifes. A happy husband might even help his wife finish her shiplap project (Don’t judge me, we’re married) so, order your oils here and get prepped for your date night, ENJOY these tidbits below.

Notice: I am in no way responsible for babies made because of my oil recommendations. (That is unless that’s what you wanted, then YAY!) We all know how babies get here so wrap it before you tap it, or whatever.

PS: The kit above is a starter kit with the 10 most popular oils, a diffuser plus to get you started with essential oils in the bedroom, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage. If your interested in learning more about essential oils email me at:

With love, Amy

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