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Tell me about doTERRA

How do I purchase doTERRA essential oils?

There are 2 ways to purchase products from doTERRA, the first way is perfect if you hate saving money and don’t like perks. The BEST way to purchase essential oils through doTERRA is with a wholesale membership (like Sam’s Club or Costco) it saves you 25% off retail prices (retail is the first, bad option) for a year plus exclusive perks from doTERRA but, you also you access to our team’s customer only education groups.

Um, you said perks?

Yep, perks. doTERRA loves on its customers so much, which gives me all the warm fuzzy feelings. Anyways, perks such as, monthly wellness boxes (LRP), FREE product of the month, up to 30% of your LRP orders back in product points that you can turn around and use like cash for even more FREE products! oh and that’s not counting extra promotions and surprise BOGO’s.

Another Subscription box?

Nope. Wellness boxes or as doTERRA calls it, the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is nothing like your typical subscription boxes. My monthly doTERRA order is 100% completely customizable the contents (Spend $5 or $500) and the date you would like your order to be processed. If I place my order before the 15th of the month and spend 125pv I will get that months POM (Free Product of The Month) PLUS i will also get back 10-30% back in product credits to use like cash for free products.

What is PV?

Product Value. Each of doTERRA’s products has a PV value, usually it’s the same as the product price, expect for supplements, personal care etc. When trying to meet a certain PV for promotions be sure you look at your points on the checkout page to make sure you meet that requirement.

Tell me more about the product credits

When you sign up for LRP, you will start occurring 10% back on your LRP orders.(Ex. 100 pv order, at 10% back you’ll get $10 back in “points”) The longer you are a member of LRP the more back you’ll get, up to 30%, most people reach this level in about a year.

I don’t know how to use essential oils and I’m worried about safety

doTERRA is all about education and they offer SO much information on their webpage, but the perks of joining our team is the exclusive facebook groups and free online oil camps that are a fun and quick way to learn how to use the oils, because what’s the point in you buying oils if you don’t use them.

I share doTERRA because of the success my family has had and I want to help others as well, plus it allows me the chance to get my oils for free and make money since my illness prevents me from having a “normal” job.

Along with education from doTERRA, me, and our entire essential oil community you can also purchase books too. My favorites are: The Essential Life Book, Modern Essentials, and Essential Oils for Emotions. (If your interested in these books or some of the best essential oil supplies check out Oil Life, If you use my link you’ll save $5 off $25. Using my link doesn’t cost you any extra but I do make a small commission.)

**This post will be continuously updated as needed to provide you with the best and most useful information**

With Love, Amy

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