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Beginners Guide To Essential Oils

Hey, I’m so glad you want to learn more about essential oils. I’m here to help teach others how to safely use essential oils, but to also empower you to put your health and wellness as a top priority. I’ll also show you how easy it is to get essential oils into your home and how to save you money while doing it!

Where did using plants for medicinal purposes originate?

Not only do millions around the world enjoy essential oils today, but they’ve been utilized by dozens of cultures throughout history. Though it might seem like you only started hearing about essential oils within the last few years, they’ve actually been in use for hundreds of years. Ancient civilizations used plant extracts for things like healthcare, aromatherapy, beauty treatments, food preparation—the list goes on. In modern times, we’ve perfected the use of plants in everyday life, and finally have the technology to truly harness the power of the earth.

Why did I start using doTERRA Essential Oils?

I’ll be honest with you, when I was first approached about essential oils I was SO skeptical but I’m so glad we found these safe and natural alternatives. I am a heart patient (I had a life saving open heart surgery July 2019) plus I have a pacemaker, and a auto immune disorder so doctors and western medicine are important parts of my life.

doTERRA’s product and essential oils are also an important part of our lives, I can be proactive with our families health by using the On Guard products to help support our immune systems. Digestzen is there at 3am when one of our children has a tummy ache, the deep blue products help soothe my constantly aching muscles.

Our youngest daughter always had belly troubles, she would bloat and was chronically constipated. It was my desperate plea on facebook that led a friend to mail me a sample of Digestzen and as we watched this oil work we were hooked, and of course started using oils for our whole family. That was almost 4 years ago and now, I couldn’t imagine not having these essential oils in our home.

Why doTERRA?

My decision to choose doTERRA over other brands came down to trust and safety. So the FDA doesn’t regulate the production of essential oils, this means that anyone can package up ANYTHING and sell it us as 100% pure. Umm thats scary, I wanted my oils for their health benefits and planned to use on my children.

doTERRA decided that wasn’t right so they came up with their own intensive testing procedure and created Certified Pure therapeutic Grade (CPTG). CPTG means we can be certain that plants will be grown in the location where they grow indigenously, the plants will also be sourced ethically and safely, distilled close to sources without the use of chemicals then the oils are tested in 4 third party testing facilities and with the code on the bottom of your oil bottle you can go to and see all the testing results! I am confident in doTERRA’s integrity to provide us with the absoulte purest oils on earth.

What are Essential Oils?

You’ve seen them on store shelves, you’ve smelled them on the person sitting next to you on the airplane, or maybe you even have a few bottles sitting on your bedside table—but what are essential oils exactly? Are they simply a fancy beauty product? Are they a new fad that’ll soon pass?

If you’ve never used essential oils, or if just have limited experience with them, they might seem like a complete mystery. The truth is, millions of people use essential oils every single day for things like cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, fitness, sleep, overall health, and more.

What is an essential oil? So, what are essential oils? Scientifically speaking, essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds. In less scientific terms, they are the essence of plants, taken from roots, bark, flowers, seeds, and other plant parts. Did you know that an essential oil is what gives a plant its scent? Essential oils can also protect a plant from predators or environmental conditions.

What are Essential Oils Good For?

Those who are new to essential oils might be wondering, “What do I use them for?” If you’ve had a bottle of essential oil on your kitchen counter or in your closet for a while and aren’t exactly sure how to use it, you’re not alone. The good news? Learning how to use essential oils is easy. Like the peoples of the ancient world, we too have dozens of practical applications for essential oils today.

For example, essential oils can be used to:

· Promote healthy-looking skin.

· Cleanse the air and eliminate odors.

· Help maintain a healthy respiratory system and feelings of clear breathing.*

· Support good oral hygiene.*

· Promote healthy digestion.*

· Create an uplifting atmosphere.

· And more!

As you can see, there are plenty of applications for essential oils in our daily lives. Next up we’ll talk about the 3 ways to use essential oils and learn about the 10 most popular oils.

1.) The first way to enjoy your oils is to use them aromatically by diffusing or inhaling to uplift mood, cleanse the air, and support the respiratory system.

2.) To get localized benefits apply your diluted oils directly onto your skin. For example rubbing deep blue on sore muscles or digestzen on the tummy.

3.) The last way to enjoy your doTERRA oils is internally. You can enjoy a few drops in your water, in veggie caps and/or under your tongue. (Internal use of essential oils is a hot topic for some, doTERRA essential oils are regulated under the FDA for supplemental use and because of the purity of their oils I feel extremely comfortable using them internally.)

Yay! Next up we get to learn a bit about the 10 most popular oils!

Not Just Oils

As you’ve learned oils can be used for SO many things and doTERRA offers even more products to make your home healthy and toxic free.

Are you ready to get your oils?

There are 3 ways you can buy your essential oils but, I’ll warn you the first way is totally dumb.

If you don’t like saving money then this first option is for you, you’ll pay 25% more than everyone else who choose one of the next options.

This next option is a wholesale customer account, this is basically like a costco or sam’s club for your oils- no selling, no miniums. Just a one-time fee of $35 then for a year you’ll get all your products 25% off. Oh and when your account needs renewed its only $25 and doTERRA sends you a free bottle of Peppermint. (Sign up for your Wholesale Customer Account here)

The last option is the smartest and most cost effective way to get your oils which is starting with one of doTERRA’s many packages. With a package, doTERRA takes oils and/or products discounts them way more than just 25% and even waives the $35 wholesale account fee!

With this last option you still get your 25% off on all your oils and products for the next year but, you’ll also get personalized oil education from me and our oiling community. Below are a few of the most popular kits, although there are tons of package options and would be so happy to chat and find you the perfect starting bundle.

Natural Solutions Package
Healthy Start Package

With love, Amy

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