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My Generation Had 9/11, Our kids have Covid19

I have been keeping busy during this quarantine. When I take breaks and start scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I am flooded with posts about Covid19 and of course the political drama from BOTH sides. Back when Myspace was a thing, but we were not connected like we are now, I remember the talking of adults and the news after 9/11.

Do you remember how you felt sitting in front of the TV as the news reporters cried as First Responders pulled body after body from the Twin Tower rubble. We as Americans became united that day. When the war started our family’s life would change like so many others. I will never forget the news coverage when we had our first US causality, the dead’s names would scroll past on the bottom of the screen.

After awhile “5 US soldiers were killed today in another attack”, then back to other news. Here at home, unless your loved one was protecting their country the war was out of site out of mind. It was not your brother who came home in a box. After 19 years of war we have become immune to the sadness and empathy that we had on 09/12/01 and the years following.

We are in war again in our own land, the media and our leaders are announcing the daily tallies of our dead. We are name calling and pointing fingers while people are dying and we can help PREVENT it, but your mad your rights are being violated? Step up to be a real patriot, wearing your mask is a minor inconvenience compared to being shot or blown up in the in the name of patriotism.   

The data shows that with everyone wearing a mask it will lower our chances significantly of spreading Covid19. Your country needs you to care about the people who are dying, just like we mourned all those who died on 9/11/01, Coronas death toll has surpassed that attack tremendously.

Pull up your bootstraps and wear a mask in the name of patriotism. Practice social distancing while we safely start to re-open the country in the name of patriotism. There once was a time when America was united, we were not Democrats or Republicans, we were Americans and we were ready to stand up and fight for her.

With Love,


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