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Your All Up In My Feelings

Have you ever encountered a smell that brought memories flooding back? Smell and memories have been linked in many medical studies. Would you be skeptical if i told you that doTerra essential oils have many emotional benefits? I know I was when I first started researching Essential Oils, but almost 4 years later I’ve seen and felt the results.

These 6 essential oil blends were about to talk about today represent the common categories of emotional well-being. We’ll dive into each of these oils and how easy and accessible is it to combat negative emotions and have true emotional healing.

  • PSA: Using these emotional aromatherapy essential oils are just tools in your emotional journey tool box. For best results rub yourself down with oils then journal, meditate, pray, do yoga, talk with a therapist, or do your favorite self care practices. We cant pour from an empty cup.

Spring is the season for new beginnings, as the weather warms we often need a little push to get out of our winter/quarantine slumps. The blend is made up of citrus and spice essential oils that will brighten anyone’s mood, oh and this smells amazing, but I could say that about most of these blends. Apply Cheer Touch or grab the 5ml bottle, diffuse or swipe roller on your wrists to counteract negative emotions and provide a boost of positivity and happiness when your feeling down.

This blend uses sweet floral and tree essential oils for a comforting aroma that will put you in the path of emotional healing. Losing a loved one can be a deeply disorienting and painful, when you’ve lost someone you know how that deep ache in your heart feels. We can bind our broken hearts with love, prayer, meditation, yoga, a therapist and even this Console blend. Diffuse to comfort the soul and evoke feelings of hope, apply this blend over your heart morning and night as a reminder to be patient with healing and promote positive thoughts.

This blend has a fresh and woody aroma, seriously i wish i could let you sniff these oils though this blog. This aroma inspires grounding and patience. I think we all are carrying burdens that seem to become heavier over time as we hold on to these painful experiences like a life raft. When you are ready to tackle your demons let this renewing blend help you discover how liberating it is to forgive, forget and move on. Diffuse this oil (especially while meditating) to help release feelings of anger and guilt, then apply to pulse points and heart to feel grounded and content.

Motivate is for those seeking feelings of confidence and courage, this blend of mint and citrus essential oils helps accomplish that. Are you struggling with home life, work projects, having setbacks that have shaken your confidence and belief in yourself? Motivate will help unleash your creative powers and push you to find the courage that comes from believing in your self. Jump start your day by swiping Motivate touch to the bottoms of your feet, when working diffuse this blend to help keep your self motivated and on task.

As the season heats up so can our creativity and desires. Passion is inspiring, enriched with a perfect combination of spice and herb essential oils. This blend can help ignite creativity and joy for life, and this blend is great to use during those “dog days” when your energy is sapped and your inspiration is on hold.

This blend takes me to a place of relaxation when I’m feeling overwhelmed or afraid, it has such a beautiful blend of floral and mint essential oils. When used this blend can help give us a positive reminder that we don’t have to be perfect to find peace. Now is the perfect time to slow down, take deep breaths (I love the Breathe exercise on my apple watch) and reconnect with the fierce person that you are. Diffuse this oil at night to create a peaceful and calming environment, inhale directly from the bottle or use the touch roller over your heart and pulse points for reassuring.

Use this chart to pinpoint your negative emotions and find the oils to combat these.

Each of these delicate blends contains CPTG, or Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils that can be used aromatically or topically to help balance and brighten our ever changing moods.

Are you ready for personal growth, emotional healing then I have some options for you:

Emotional Aromatherapy Kit plus 1 year membership saving you 25% off any other products you order, don’t let membership scare you- its just like a sam’s club or Costco membership.

This next kit is similar to the first but these are pre-diluted touch rollers, same deal as above you get all 6 oils plus a years membership.

With love,


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