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Virtual Learning Tips You Want To Know

Our first week of virtual school is almost over. We’ve had technical issues, everyone’s got aggravated and have cried at least once but, overall things are going smoothly.

My top priority this week has been organizing the kids school items, if I just hand them supplies they’d be gone quicker than Rae Dunn at Tj Maxx.

We live in a small house and adequate storage space has always been a challenge. For the kids school supplies I had several issues to address:

  • Mobility- I needed something that could be easily moved from one space to the next.
  • A central location for all school items. I’ll probably not survive this if a different child is asking “where’s my ___” all day.
  • Functional yet budget friendly. I snagged our rolling cart for sale on Facebook for $45, all other organizational stuff is repurposed from stuff I already had at home.
Our virtual school station.

My kids haven’t been the only ones learning this week, I’ve also picked up some tips and tricks that have already made life much easier for all of us so, of course I wanted to share in case they can help you too.

Shop your house and reuse items that are just sitting around or would otherwise be trash. I save all of the packages when I purchase pillow cases or bedding, this pillowcase package now holds math cubes.

I thrifted the old index card holder awhile back, and it now holds index cards that have our 1st graders sight words in.

I spent more time the first two days of school signing my 1st grader back into her chromebook than getting anything else done.

An idea struck since I was already labeling everything in our house, why not put her login info on her computer? No papers to keep track of, I’m saving myself time, it’s a win-win in my book.

Have you discovered anything that’s helped you this week? I’d love to know how your family is doing their virtual learning!


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