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Immune Support: Fall 2020 Edition

Fall is my favorite season, the cooler weather, falling leaves, sweaters, front porch sitting, Halloween, thanksgiving ugh I could seriously go on and on.

With all the good that is fall, the changing of the weather causes seasonal discomfort, more gatherings can increase our risks of exposure to many illnesses. Then of course this year we’ll add in a global pandemic.

Just like building a house, a good foundation is needed to provide support and stability to your home. The same thing applies to our bodies, we need to take quality supplements to support our overall health.

Check out the top benefits of dōTERRA’s number one selling product, the Life Long Vitality pack below:

If you’d like to learn more about LLV (life long vitality) including the nerdy science stuff, ingredients and more then check these posts out.

Using essential oils is incredibly frugal, your paying mere pennies per drop and don’t underestimate that drop either. Essential oils are extremely concentrated so a few drops can pack a powerful punch. Below you’ll find some of my favorite roller blends and a fall must have diffuser blend.

For even more tips on immune health plus more great uses for On Guard check out these posts:

You don’t have any oils? We’ve got to fix this! You can learn more about why I love dōTERRA and how to get started with essential oils here.

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