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Hello October: Promotions and News

I may be 7 days late posting this.. oops. Life isn’t perfect around here between chronic illness, hubby, kids, pets and you know all the things moms do. Oh and I’m not even going to start with how virtual learning is going, thank god for fall break and the most amazing fall weather to go right along with it.

Now on to the good stuff..

Hassle free, targeted wellness delivered right to your door. You can choose which health category you’d like to target most – Immunity, Mind & Mood or Relief, or you can choose all of them no ones judging here. You’ll receive a special kit each month that’s filled with products specifically tailored to your goal.

Super simple and like always if you decide you don’t want to continue to get the kits you can cancel at anytime. To learn more about the targeted wellness you can find more info here:

Promotions and Sales

This months promo is HUGE because if you place any order of 200pv (Not sure what that means or want to know more about dōTERRA, here’s what you need to know) you’ll also get 4 FREE gifts. DigestZen soft gels, 15ml Peppermint, as well calmer and Tamer. All products and oils to help with any digestive problems.

Start feeling cozy with clove, you’ll be getting this oil FREE also when you place a loyalty rewards order of 125pv by the 15th of each month.

Last but certainly not least, you can get your hands on our precious Rose Touch 15% off this month! Oh and current dōTERRA peeps the new holiday guide is out and it’s love.

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