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Oil Spotlight: Clove

Since Clove is our FREE product of the month I figured it would be the perfect time to talk about this amazing oil. Commonly recognized as a ground kitchen spice, but clove has been used since ancient times for its medicinal purposes.

Clove Oil Uses & Benefits:

Caution: Clove essential oil is a “hot” oil meaning the oil can give off a warming or burning sensation especially on sensitive skin so diluting clove with fractionated coconut oil or other carrier oil is a must. Also do not add hot oils into your bath water, as this can increase the burning sensation. If you accidentally get a “hot” oil on your skin, apply FCO or other carrier to stop any reactions. Other hot oils include cassia, cinnamon bark, oregano and thyme.

  • Clove oil is well known for its numbing capabilities and has been used for centuries to help with oral pain and even in dental procedures long before we had our traditional methods today. Even though we have modern numbing agents (thank you science), clove oil is still beneficial to have in your home. Apply clove to sore gums, use a drop in water as a gargle to promote clean and fresh breath. -I use clove at the dentist because they can give me multiple numbing shots and they usually don’t work so I always have a bottle of this oil handy. Also as a heart patient having great oral hygiene is a must, yep your oral health affects your heart health too!-
  • You can use clove oil in place of the dried spice in your recipes. When adding oils to your foods remember a tiny bit goes along way because of the concentration of the oils.
  • As I mentioned above clove has amazing benefits when taken internally in a veggie capsule to support cardiovascular health. I also take doterras Life Long Vitality Supplements.
  • I love all the fall, warm and spicy scents. Clove has a warm and invigorating smell and is perfect for diffuser blends. Oh and no harmful by products of artificially fragranced products.
  • Clove creates a soothing warming sensation to the skin which is great for me on flare days, along with Deep Blue.

Are you wondering how to get oils free? Heck I’m always down for free stuff and saving money, I’m one of those people who brag about how cheap they got something- hello fellow thifters- . So if you want to learn more about essentials oils and check out this post.

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