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December Dreaming

Guys 2020 is almost over, and I’ve never been more thrilled to see a year come to an end. Before I rush off hopefully, into the January sunset I have to share all the amazing deals doTerra has to offer us in this season of giving.

Last month doTerra released the first wave of Holiday items and today more holiday items are available. Shop all the Holiday products here.

Every December doTerra offers an amazing deal, with any order of 200pv (Not sure what PV means? Learn more here.) they will give you a free 15ml of Frankincense. The gift fit enough for our king, Frankincense and Myrrh were more valuable than the gold the 3 wise men brought, and even more impressive is all the benefits these amazing oils have to offer. To learn more about Frankincense check this out.

Cardamom which is a single oil that is also in our beloved Breathe blend is 10% off this month. Learn more about Cardamom here.

I am a huge fan of the woodsy oils not only for there scent but, because of the amazing grounding benefits they provide. This month doTerra has again given us a limited edition oil for the FREE product of the month, Balsam Fir, you can learn more about this oil here. Oh and just like every Christmas you’ll get this years doTerra Christmas ornament with your POM while supplies last. These ornaments are made of dolemite and will act as a diffuser when you apply a few drops of oil.

Which Holiday products are you most excited for? Im swooning over the cuisine set and of course doTerra is providing a free ebook with recipes .

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