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My Top 5 Thrifting Tips

Thrifting may be different for everyone but, for me thrifting is yard sales, garage sales, peddlers malls, flea markets, Facebook marketplace, road side finds and since COVID getting goodies from my favorite local thrifters. (Two Thrifty Hippies & Dane Thrifty, look them up on Instagram, they do offer shipping on most items.)

Vintage canisters from my most recent thrift trip. They fit right in with my boho farmhouse decor.

1.) If your planning a thrift trip, especially to yard sales plan your route the night before. Look on Facebook market place or your newspaper classifieds, and leave early. When thrifting the early bird gets the worm is a true statement, this is even more true for yard sales.

2.) If you find something you love, buy it. Chances are when you go back it will be gone, probably. I follow this advice for TJ Maxx too, which if you know me well then you know my love for that store.

3.) At yard sales or on Facebook marketplace it doesn’t hurt to negotiate a lower price. Most of the time the seller is just wanting to get rid of items and will let them go cheaper. At yard sales if your buying quite a few items sellers will knock off a few bucks, it’s less they have to pack back up. All that can happen is they say no, then you can decide weather you want the item bad enough.

4.) Don’t be afraid to dig. Some of my best treasures were found hiding in unpacked boxes or in small booths that remind me of a hoarders episode.

5.) Be forewarned not every thrift trip will be successful and you’ll most likely become one of those people who stop the car when they see furniture sitting on the side of the road.

Yard sale score. Old wooden table, metal stool, metal basket, old windows, old 70’s license plates all for $25 bucks. The spiders were free with purchase.

Do you love thrifting? I’d love to see your favorite finds and hear your tips.

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