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Book Review: This Close To Okay

During this global pandemic I’ve found solace and comfort in my hobbies such as reading, sewing and crafting. Reading is always a good thing and I want my children to see me reading, which I truly believe has helped inspire, especially my oldest, the love of reading.

I have never been part of an actual book club, unless Book Of The Month counts. I was in a local Facebook group for a virtual book club but, sadly there was little engagement on the posts. Im hoping writing reviews of the books that Im reading will spark some good conversations with others, and provide you with some new books to read!

Speaking of Book Of The Month its a book lovers dream, each month you get to choose a book from 5 options or easily skip a month. It also offers a chance to read books I might not normally choose plus early access to some debut novels. – highlighted links above are affiliate links-

This Close To Okay by: Leesa Cross- Smith


On a rainy October night in Kentucky, recently divorced therapist Tallie Clark is on her way home from work when she spots a man precariously standing at the edge of a bridge. Without a second thought, Tallie pulls over and jumps out of the car into the pouring rain. She convinces the man to join her for a cup of coffee, and he eventually agrees to come back to her house, where he finally shares his name: Emmett.

Over the course of the emotionally charged weekend that follows, Tallie makes it her mission to provide a safe place for Emmett, though she hesitates to confess that this is also her day job. What she doesn’t realize is that Emmett isn’t the only one who needs healing-and they both are harboring secrets.

Alternating between Tallie’s and Emmett’s perspectives as they inch closer to the truth of what brought Emmett to the bridge’s edge- as well as the hard truths Tallie has been grappling with since her marriage ended- This Close To Okay is an uplifting, cathartic story about chance encounters, hope found in unlikely moments, and the subtle magic of the human connection.

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Sometimes a book can take me a while to finish, especially if it’s a heavy read. However, I couldn’t but this book down. I finished it within 2 days- I could have read it quicker if my family didn’t need feeding or if I could function on little sleep.

A wild weekend filled with so many emotions it’s almost difficult to take in, this novel shines a bright light on mental health issues in such a way that anyone could resonate with the characters. I liked that the story was told from both vantage points, I easily connected with both characters in their each unique way.

This was a weekend that both main characters and the reader will never forget. The action doesn’t take long and before you know it your sucked into the difficulties that each characters are enduring and there are plenty of twist and turns to keep you engaged.

If you’ve read this book I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions!


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