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My Morning Routine

First off I’d like to say that I’m not the mom in the drop off line who has her shit together. My kids are now scrambling around for masks as I’m pushing them out of the van. I’m not literally pushing my kids out of the van, Karen but, after all the virtual learning we’ve done momma needs a break.

Every mom should have sort of system in place to make her life easier ie; Picking out clothes the night before, packing backpacks/lunch’s at night too. As a mom with a chronic illness I never know when a flare is going to strike and of course I have to use my spoons wisely. One less thing to worry about in the morning, or fight about- girl moms know what I’m talking about.

My morning starts by getting up at 5am and working out, just kidding, I hit snooze till 6:45 where I drag myself into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I will admit I used honest brand toothpaste until dōTERRA reformulated their toothpaste which I got in this years convention kit and It’s love.

2 years ago I never took any daily medications besides birth control and forgot all the time, and your girl here couldn’t even swallow pills until 29. face palm. Now I have a pill organizer to store my prescribed medications plus my Life Long Vitality Supplements. I keep my pills in the cabinet over my coffee pot so I take them while I’m brewing my mornings coffee.

The key to remembering to take your vitamins is to have them easily accessible and in a place where they are easily seen. Same goes for your oils, consistency is key but, if you have your oils hidden away then chances are you aren’t going to use them.

These are all my “extra oils”, I just snagged this adorable shelf for my office/craft room.

My hubby built me an oil cabinet for my kitchen that holds my oils, it’s in a central location and easy to get. I also have citrus oils by our water purifier, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, basically everywhere in our home you’ll find some kind of essential oil.

My oil shelf, plus oils on the side table and the LTO Cuisine blends by the stove.
My bedside diffuser and oils

Up next is prying cranky kids out of the bed and off to school- I offer no advice on this matter, it seems my children are sloths in the morning then it’s like they both turn into Donnie from The Wild Thornberries when they come home from school.

What’s your morning routine look like? If you are also a mom with a chronic illness how do you manage during your flares?


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