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Peppermint Snacking Chocolate

If you’re not a fan of mint-flavored stuff then this post isn’t for you. While not my top favorite I do love the occasional mint chocolate chip ice cream, Andes Mints, Peppermint drizzled over brownies or these Peppermint snacking chocolates.

If your not familiar with the amazing benefits of Peppermint essential oil head over to this post to learn more. I’ll wait.

These snacking chocolates are quick and easy to make. Try sugar-free chocolate chips for a tasty but, healthy snack.

Click here for instructions

Making your own Peppermint drizzle is super easy too. You can use whatever brownie recipe you love and do your thing. You can make from scratch icing or use store-bought, there isn’t any judging here. After baking, mix 1 drop of Peppermint oil into your icing and mix well, top your brownies and eat up.

Do you use Peppermint essential oil in your cooking? What’s your favorite recipe?

Need to get your hands on some essential oils of your own? You can get more information here



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