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Boho Apothecary Craft Room Makeover

My craft room is a multi-purpose room, it’s where I sew, do my DIY projects, library, apothecary, reading area plus it’s where my kids play Xbox too. Oh, and it’s also where I put on my makeup and fix my hair.

This room serves many purposes and it’s been a challenge finding affordable decor and storage solutions but, it’s got my creative juices flowing.

Welcome to Bellwether Apothecary:

First of all, if you don’t know me yet I’m Amy and I love decorating and thrifting. As a stay-at-home mom, I’ve always had a low budget for home decor so auctions, yard sales, Facebook marketplace, antique malls, a little creativity, and some elbow grease have helped me create beautiful spaces in our home.

  • Reused a picture frame, with a print I made in procreate on my iPad.
  • Basket and crystal selenite holders from a local shop. (The bazar universe)
  • Tip- shop your house! Books on essential oils I already had along with some of the crystals and glass tray.
  • Paint color is Sea Salt. Technically free for this project since it was bought a few years ago for our bedroom color. It is such a relaxing shade.
  • Metal storage cabinet was a peddlers mall find. This green paint is all through my house. It’s called ‘Into the green’ and i found it on Lowe’s opps shelf in the paint department for 9 dollars.
  • I’ve scored many paints on the Opps shelf. Paint is already an inexpensive way to update a space or items, and finding these treasures are awesome.
  • Ignore my ceilings they all need patched and painted but we haven’t gotten that checked off the honey to-do list.
  • The bench was made using an antique twin bed that belonged to my grandma and the wall hanging was also a DIY.
  • I scored those cute pillows at a yard sale. The pink curtains are from Tuesday Morning and the sheer ones from TJ Maxx.
  • Round letter B sign was a clearance find from Hobby Lobby.
  • My L shaped desk was made using filing cabinets and the counter tops were snagged from my parents when they got new ones.
  • If you peak between the filing cabinets you can see a small cart, this holds and mostly conceals my makeup.
  • Old coffee mug holder turned into a zipper holder, rattan organizer holds my tape, envelopes, stamps etc for bill paying.
  • The rest of my desk holds my sewing machines.
  • When working with small spaces using vertical space can make a huge difference. I have wall shelf’s here to hold most of my books, there’s also two longer shelf’s on the other side that holds more of my sewing/craft supplies.
  • Shiplap is my DIY version using plywood, it was already in this room before we moved the girls into a shared room.
  • Rusted bracket I found on our property now holds my hanging succulents.
  • This cabinet used to have mirrors and was once a medicine cabinet. It now holds all my extra essential oils, carrier oils and containers for making rollers or sprays. I’m still debating chicken wire for the doors.
  • Weird wooden hole thing makes a cute wall decoration. The wreath was another DIY project from a few years ago. I simply hot glued moss to a grapevine wreath- all supplies came from hobby lobby.
  • Dresser was a $20 marketplace find. Pink paint I already had and reused knobs from other projects. The top of course has the TV and Xbox for the kids and the drawers hold fabrics and vinyl.
  • Tip time again! Paint isn’t the only thing that can change a space with little money. Art prints are an affordable and easy way to change up your decor, plus if you buy from individual artist you’ll have unique pieces instead of mass produced items that everyone has.

I’m incredibly happy with how this turned out, and I hope it gave you some ideas for your space.


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