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Hello May! Time To Bloom

I am so excited that Spring has sprung. Everything is blooming, my cut flower sprouts are almost ready for outdoor transfer plus I love having my hands in the dirt.

With blooming flowers and trees, pollen problems have lots of people feeling yucky. Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint in a diffuser or capsule can help, add the oils to a roller bottle to apply to itchy bug bites too. Green Mandarin has been my personal favorite, I take in a capsule and it significantly reduces my sinus drainage.

May Promos

Clementine is our free product of the month, and this oil is an exclusive one that isn’t available to purchase. If your part of doTERRA’s loyalty rewards program and place a order of 125pv by the 15th then this will be added for free.

For last months loyalty order I got the new Aroma essentials kit. First of all I love this diffuser and it includes oils to make your house smell yummy without harmful toxins.

Also not only is my doTERRA membership way cheaper ($25/year) vs my other yearly memberships like Amazon, Sams Club or Costco but it also has so many perks.

  • Loyalty Orders are basically monthly wellness boxes from doTERRA but, you pick your items each month so you can order a tube of chapstick or every single oil. Completely your choice and you can change or cancel your orders anytime.
  • Upon joining you’ll start earning points based on the PV (product value) and start gaining 10% back in product points that can be used like cash. You can get up to 30% back as you continue to be a loyalty customer. Oh and what you pay in shipping will also be added to your account as points to use.
  • Your membership already comes with 25% off all your products. The LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) is doTERRA’s way of rewarding their repeat customers.
  • In the picture above is my last months LRP box. Everything on the left I got for free for cashing in my points. $195 dollars worth. These points and BOGO deals have helped me get all kinds of oils for free.

This month enjoy 15% more off of Geranium essential oil. This oil stays in my bathroom with Arborvitae, they are my go- to oils to add to my epsom salt baths.

As Mother’s Day approaches why not give your mom a bouquet that not only smells amazing but, offers so many benefits. Or you can get it for yourself, I buy my own Mother’s Day gifts- might as well get what you really want.


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