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The Hidden Toxins On Your Grocery List

Goodbye Toxins, Hello Nature

You’re walking through the grocery store (or browsing online for pick-up items like me), you are going about your normal routine. Then you stumble into the cleaning section with the fragrance section right there and we all love our homes to smell good. So it’s easy to add all the air fresheners, plug-ins, scented candles, scented wax warmers, and dare I say those drug store “essential oils” – which give all essential oils a bad name -to your cart.

Once your home you spray down your house, light your candles, etc you may realize you have a headache but of course, that’s from you being tired or <insert excuse here>. The reality is that in our attempts to make our home smell good we are releasing hundreds of different toxic chemicals into the air we breathe. The same air our kids, husband, wife, pets, etc are breathing too.

In a study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, they found that the air inside our homes has more pollution than even major, industrialized cities. Additional information here.

There are better ways to scent your home. Goodbyes don’t always have to be hard, I doubt you’ll even miss those synthetic fragrances. And if your anything like me I found that now I can’t stand the “fake” smell and I’m much more sensitive to the effects.

The Better Way

Plants have been used since the beginning of time for medicinal and religious purposes. We can thank Clove for helping numb tooth pain for dental procedures, Yarrow and Clary Sage we’re used during childbirth.

Centuries of salves, teas, and tinctures uses passed down through the generations. With the help of modern technology we’ve been able to study these plants and make medicines like aspirin, morphine, codeine, opium, and many more.

Anyone can use the power of nature to improve their home air quality, seriously it’s so easy. DoTerra created the Aroma Essentials Collection bringing together 10 powerhouse essential oils and blends that are tried and true for creating a fresh, clean environment that smells incredible.

The Aroma Essentials Collection Includes:

  • Peppermint
  • Wild Orange
  • Northern Escape
  • Citrus Bloom
  • Adaptiv
  • Balance
  • Cheer
  • Serenity
  • On Guard
  • Breathe
  • Laluz Diffuser

Pure essential oils are unadulterated and incredibly potent, so it only requires a few drops of oil. Drops of essential oils go much further than synthetic fragrances. Depending on usage this kit could last 6 months to a year! A whole year without toxic scents wafting through your home should make you feel wonderful. You have taken a huge step in reducing the toxic load to you and your family.

As a mom with a chronic illness, I don’t need to add anything extra to my toxic load. I’ve used these oils for 5 years now and I’ve seen the power of plants in action, On Guard, for example, smells like Christmas to me but it also helps boost our immune system. In our home, medicinal and western medicine combine- it doesn’t have to be a this or that, but working together can make a bigger impact on our overall health and wellness goals.


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