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Stop Saying Happy Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches my inbox, mailbox, ad’s, and social media posts are filled with Happy Memorial day sales and advertisements. Memorial Day [noun]: A day on which those who died in active military service are remembered.

Memorial Day for most consists of long weekends, BBQ’s, and the unofficial start of summer. Through the years the true meaning of Memorial Day has been replaced with the notion that this holiday includes everyone whom has passed.

While we all mourn for our lost loved ones, this day was meant to be a somber reminder of what freedom truly costs. It’s easy to ignore the true reality of war, that is if your lucky enough to not have loved ones fighting for their lives. And you are even luckier if you arent part of a Gold Star Family.

I don’t write this post to make you feel bad about enjoying Memorial Day with your families, spend as much time with your family as you can! I write this post to ask that you stop for a brief moment and thank the soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. If you would like to do more, below are some wonderful charities that you can donate to.

1.) TAPS: Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

Photo From TAPS website. Click image to learn more about Memorial Day.

2.) A Soldiers Child Foundation This Video is from a Song Writing Camp they held. My Niece is in this video and helped write the song they are singing.

3.) Folded Flag Foundation: This link will take you to videos of those whom they have helped. This includes my Sister In Law and Niece, her video is under Nicole Rape.

My niece receiving a scholarship and my brother honored by the Folded Flag Foundation

4.) Amazon Smile– This is free for everyone. On your browser and now available on the app, you can choose to have a portion of your purchases (no extra cost to you) are given to your charity of choice.

My Current Amazon Smile for this year. Kroger also offers this too. Check your local grocery stores to see if they have similar programs.

Our Hero: Sgt. Jonathon T. Rape

My brother Jon, was born on April 9, 1984. Right before my brother graduated high school, September 11th happened. He didn’t hesitate to join the Army to fight for our freedom. Jon was not only a hero, but a wonderful friend, husband, father, son, and brother. He had a wonderful sense of humor and was a great storyteller. Jon was KIA in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 15, 2009, only 15 days before his daughter’s first birthday.

How do you spend your Memorial Day? Are you missing a friend or loved one who gave their all? Tell their story in the comments, together we will keep their memories alive.


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