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Make Your Daughter A Puberty Survival Toolkit

My mom started her first period at a young age, somehow our body’s natural processes have been a taboo topic until more recently. When I started my period my mom offered advice but the topic was still awkward and unhelpful.

Generational habits don’t have to be repeated, so I decided to make my daughter a puberty toolkit. The kit included 3 books, a package of teenage pads (yeah they make those now, no more diaper pads from the ’90s), natural skincare set, and of course an oil blend to help with hormones and ease that monthly discomfort.

Clarycalm Blend can be used for all ages so snag yourself one too!

Click the image to purchase

These are the books I purchased for my daughter and since I also have a younger daughter too, I’ll keep these for her. I’ll post links to each book below. (These are Amazon affiliate links, you help support me without any additional cost to you)

1.) Celebrate Your Feelings

2.) Celebrate Your Body

3.) Celebrate Your Body 2

The reason I started using essential oils began with desperation, due to my youngest daughters gastrointestinal issues. I soon learned that these amazing oils also helped my oldest with her severe environmental and seasonal threats.

Because of the threats mentioned above: I switched to green cleaning, natural products from dōTERRA and ditched synthetic fragrances and haven’t looked back since.

This all brings me to my last toolkit item which is a collection of face products to help keep skin clear which also helps boost confidence.

Click the image to purchase

I’m going to be completely honest, I’m a little scared of this stage in my pre-teens life. And I know these changes she’s experiencing are scary too. I hope this information can help you better prepare your daughter for puberty but also give us piece of mind knowing they are prepared.

You can click on each image to purchase Clarycalm and the hdclear set as a guest. If your interested in buying them all at once and want to save money then continue reading.

dōTERRA has a yearly membership just like Sams Club and Costco but WAY cheaper. $35 for your first year, then $25 a year plus a free peppermint oil when your membership renews. The membership price and the perks makes this my cheapest and best yearly membership. Sounds great, right. Click here to get your wholesale account.

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