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3 Tips For Improving Brain Fog

It’s been a little quiet here lately; life happened. I’ve been busy keeping my ship from sinking, dumping out water while it’s still spilling in.

Being a wife and mom is hard enough, but adding chronic illness to the mix makes it even harder. I’m the ship with a chronic disease, and holes keep springing with new side effects pouring the water in.

One issue I’ve had since my open heart surgery has been brain fog. Brain fog can be annoying, frustrating, and embarrassing when you forget something again or can’t recall that word you’re trying to think of.

Brain fog can cause one or all of these:

  • Fuzzy thinking
  • Problems with short or long term memory
  • Problems with working memory
  • Problems with concentration and focus
  • Problems thinking of the right word or using the right word
  • Problems with numbers or math

As I’m writing this, I struggle to find my words or remembering where I saw that quote—writer’s block on a whole new level when your words are in a blender inside your mind.

In the midst of all this, I have found some things that have helped me start a routine to keep my mind working and help ease some of the symptoms. Like I said above, I’m still struggling daily; this is something to do continually.

Reading is not only a great way to ease stress, but it also helps with memory, along with increasing your vocabulary. You can learn more about reading and memory here.

Try a new hobby or pick up an old one. We are trying to challenge our brains. Instead of a hobby, I signed up for a free summer college class. I’ve been able to see my hard work paying off. You could also do crossword puzzles, regular puzzles, play strategy games, etc.

Self-care is so important in managing our mental health and stress. Stress is hard to avoid, mainly when the pressure is caused by your own body failing you. For me, hot Epsom salts baths with my essential oils are a go-to, and I’ve been using Balance, a guided meditation app. If your self-care is exercise, shopping, thrifting, crafting, whatever it is, make time for yourself.

If you’re curious about which essential oils are good for mental clarity and alertness, you came to the right place. Peppermint, Rosemary, Intune Focus Blend, and Frankincense can also help you regain focus while working. You can learn more here:



Do you have brain fog or memory issues? I’d love to hear your stories and about the things that have helped you!


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