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3 Tips For Improving Brain Fog

It’s been a little quiet here lately; life happened. I’ve been busy keeping my ship from sinking, dumping out water while it’s still spilling in. Being a wife and mom is hard enough, but adding chronic illness to the mix makes it even harder. I’m the ship with a chronic disease, and holes keep springingContinue reading “3 Tips For Improving Brain Fog”

Valentine’s Day: Essential Oils To Set The Mood

I’m going to get honest first thing, I don’t do Valentine’s day. My kids of course get to buy/make Valentine’s- before the chronic illness came crashing in I would have sewn the girls matching outfits. If your new here, Im Amy, and used to be one of those Pinterest/crafty moms before health issues changed theContinue reading “Valentine’s Day: Essential Oils To Set The Mood”

Hot & Spicy Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

Listen up ladies, we don’t have to social distance from our significant others, that is unless they are sick then stay away, (Hello, common sense). Put the kids to bed mommas, grab some wine/tea and settle in for a few date night ideas plus my favorite bed-room essential oils- you will seriously have your mindContinue reading “Hot & Spicy Stay at Home Date Night Ideas”