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Confessions Of A Gold Star Sister

I walked my oldest daughter into middle school for the first time recently. That in itself is emotional, but as I walked into the school, I was transported back to my 6th-grade year. PTSD isn’t just something that can happen to soldiers, but to anyone whose been through a traumatic event. Symptoms of PTSD canContinue reading “Confessions Of A Gold Star Sister”

3 Tips For Improving Brain Fog

It’s been a little quiet here lately; life happened. I’ve been busy keeping my ship from sinking, dumping out water while it’s still spilling in. Being a wife and mom is hard enough, but adding chronic illness to the mix makes it even harder. I’m the ship with a chronic disease, and holes keep springingContinue reading “3 Tips For Improving Brain Fog”

Stop Saying Happy Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches my inbox, mailbox, ad’s, and social media posts are filled with Happy Memorial day sales and advertisements. Memorial Day [noun]: A day on which those who died in active military service are remembered. Memorial Day for most consists of long weekends, BBQ’s, and the unofficial start of summer. Through the yearsContinue reading “Stop Saying Happy Memorial Day”

5 Ways To Become Your Own Health Advocate

If you would have told me two years ago that I would be sitting here writing about being your own health advocate, I would have probably laughed. I doubt most people even think about this topic, I know I didn’t until I had to become one. The Beginning Of My Health Journey: What first startedContinue reading “5 Ways To Become Your Own Health Advocate”

Book Review: What Would Frida Kahlo Do?

Book Description A contemporary guide to life, love, and happiness inspired by the extraordinary artist Frida Kahlo. Revered as much for her fierce spirit as she is for her art, Frida Kahlo stands today as a brazen symbol of daring creativity. She was a woman ahead of her time whose paintings have earned her generationsContinue reading “Book Review: What Would Frida Kahlo Do?”

The last Time

This quote stopped me immediately and I re-read it multiple times. Flashes of the “last’s” swirling through my brain like a movie reel. The last time I spoke to a loved one, the last time I picked up my youngest daughter, the last time I was normal- instead of living with chronic illness, depression, andContinue reading “The last Time”

Book Review: This Close To Okay

During this global pandemic I’ve found solace and comfort in my hobbies such as reading, sewing and crafting. Reading is always a good thing and I want my children to see me reading, which I truly believe has helped inspire, especially my oldest, the love of reading. I have never been part of an actualContinue reading “Book Review: This Close To Okay”

But, You Don’t Look Sick?

My next favorite ”Get better soon!”, well meaning maybe but, that’s not how chronic illness works. I’ve seen blog posts on this topic, I’ve seen peoples thoughts on social media, and now have first-hand experience on how many judge-y assholes there are in the world. Last year before Covid turned the world upside down, IContinue reading “But, You Don’t Look Sick?”

The Bissell Cross Wave: A Love Story

Okay, the title of this post is corny. However, this new vacuum/mop combo from Bissell I bought myself for Christmas has been among the top of my “good things that have happened in 2020” list. Im going to share my pros and cons with you from an honest, kid mom and dog mom perspective. ThisContinue reading “The Bissell Cross Wave: A Love Story”

My Generation Had 9/11, Our kids have Covid19

I have been keeping busy during this quarantine. When I take breaks and start scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I am flooded with posts about Covid19 and of course the political drama from BOTH sides. Back when Myspace was a thing, but we were not connected like we are now, I remember the talking ofContinue reading “My Generation Had 9/11, Our kids have Covid19”