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Best Guacamole Ever

Before we begin I just want you to know that I’m sorry if that song gets stuck in your head. Also Pinã Colada’s goes perfectly with my guacamole recipe. I love going to peoples recipe websites but, get totally annoyed when I have to scroll past a novel to get to the actual recipe. NoContinue reading “Best Guacamole Ever”

Oil Spotlight: Lime

Ahh, Lime Essential Oil is refreshing and energizing in both smell and taste. Limes are used in many recipes and in drinks for their citrus flavor. Lime essential oil, due to it’s high limonene content provides internal cleansing benefits (Hello Detox), it makes a great surface cleaner and of course, it smells yummy. As theContinue reading “Oil Spotlight: Lime”

Peppermint Snacking Chocolate

If you’re not a fan of mint-flavored stuff then this post isn’t for you. While not my top favorite I do love the occasional mint chocolate chip ice cream, Andes Mints, Peppermint drizzled over brownies or these Peppermint snacking chocolates. If your not familiar with the amazing benefits of Peppermint essential oil head over toContinue reading “Peppermint Snacking Chocolate”

Apple Lemon Pie

Winter is for cozy sweaters, all the soups and comforting foods. There’s just nothing like the smell of Apple pie coming from the oven on a cold day. Apple pie is so easy to make and the addition of lemon in this recipe just takes the flavor up to a whole new level. This recipeContinue reading “Apple Lemon Pie”

Raspberry Limeade Recipe

Summer may be coming to an end but, I can’t let it slip away before I share the most refreshing summer drink recipe! This raspberry limeade is so delicious AND it’s super easy to make. Note: Ingesting essential oils is only recommended if you are using pure essential oils. I use dōTERRA essential oils forContinue reading “Raspberry Limeade Recipe”