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10 Life Hacks For Chronically Ill Moms

My husband always says “work smarter, not harder” and even though I’m rolling my eyes at all of his dad jokes this one means more to me now. When I have limited amount of spoons I have to get creative with my methods- as long as the end goal is accomplished it doesn’t matter how it gets done, right!? So here’s 10 little things that help make my life just a little bit easier, I hope it helps you too.

  1. Most grocery stores offer curbside pickup and grocery delivery (Hello Kroger and Instacart). Being able to sit on the couch or lay in bed to grocery shop not only saves time, money and sanity for any mom but for the chronically ill mom it can mean saving valuable “spoons”.

Not sure what I mean by spoons? Check out this graphic.

  • Lists! Brain fog isn’t fun, neither is forgetting to refill the medicines or pay the water bill. As part of my nightly routine I write down a quick list of things I need and WANT to do, I can then prioritize my tasks based on that day’s activities or errands.
  • Cooking and cleaning generally take up a lot of my spoons, but I have found ways to make it easier for myself. I quickly jot down in my notebook meal ideas for the week, these vary based on sales etc. Once I have a general idea of our meals, I can then order our groceries online. Having a plan makes my weeks so much easier!
  • I have a Pinterest board FULL of slow cooker recipes and they get even more use now, it doesn’t get any easier than throwing everything in one pot and 4-8 hours later dinners done.
  • Having healthy snacks options is a must, especially with kids, they are always hungry. Batch cooking is where its at. I can spend a day or so whipping up things, chopping veggies, etc. then I have pre-prepped for easy to grab snacks and ingredients for dinners.
  • I’ve been slowly organizing and decluttering our house as I feel like it. When we don’t have as much clutter and “stuff” taking up our space, the less cleaning I need to do. Its already hard enough to keep our house clean with a husband, 2 kids and a 60-pound dog.
  • We can’t do it all anymore, and its OK. My kids have shocked me on how well they can wash dishes, sweep and fold laundry. Having help allows me to spend more time playing Xbox or board games with them later.
  • Before my health took this unexpected turn, I was a sewing fanatic, my kids had matching outfits for every occasion. I was extra, I know. I can’t sew like I used to now but it’s still an important part of my life. Blocking out time to print patterns and cut fabric on one day, so I can have projects ready to sew on other days. Find ways to keep doing what you love, even if you must find new ways to do them.
  • Just because your body wont physically keep up doesn’t mean you have to sit idle in front of the TV on those bad days. Distractions can be a huge help during flare ups, reading or learning a new skill like painting, knitting, embroidery, writing or blogging can offer you something else to focus on.
  •  Give yourself grace. This is hard, life is hard, parenting is hard, marriage is hard. There’s no handbook for any of it, then you throw in chronic illness on top of it. Ask for help, say no more often, you’ve got this momma.

Do you have any life hacks/tricks you wish someone would have shared sooner? Drop them in the comments!

With love, Amy

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